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Is your "certified acupuncturist"
really trained properly?

Training Comparision


See the difference between "certified acupuncturist" and "Doctor of Oriental Medicine". Not even close to the same! You be the judge! a cartoon to describe REAL training.

A "100 hour on-line class" or 3,500 hours of directly supervised training by chinese doctors? Which would you choose if you knew the difference? Ask your "certified acupuncturist" or "medical acupuncturist" which he/she did. Click the link below!!
Look for the term "certified acupuncturist" or "medical acupuncturist" and ask about their training. You have a right to know. Learning this intricate art of healing from an "online class" or "weekend seminars" just does not train you properly. Please don't let these people ruin the reputation of formally trained health care practitioners. Would you like to have brain surgery from someone with "online training"?

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