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Dr. Li-Chun Huang and Dr. Joseph Beardsley

Dr. Joseph "Chip" Beardsley MSOM, AP-DOM graduated from Florida College of Integrative Medicine in Orlando.

During his time there his interest in natural healing through acupuncture and Oriental Medicine led him to auricular therapy, an ancient form of healing that uses the ear to detect and improve health problems.

He found it to be so powerful that he spent time outside school to learn the art.

For three years Chip studied the teachings of Dr. Li-Chun Huang, China's leading researcher in the field of Auricular Therapy. She has been called the modern day "Hua Tuo" a famous Dr. from China's past. She is considered one of the world's greatest resources for this valuable healing modality.

Dr. Huang has bestowed the title "Master Auricular Therapist" upon Chip due to his extensive training under her tutalage and his energetic methods of bringing this ancient art back to life.

First written about in the "Huang Di Nei Jing" (written in 5oo B.C.), the ears show one's health history and can be used to correct imbalances and injuries in us all. Modern science is baffled as to why the ear forms before the brain does. The ancients knew that it was the "USB port" for the brain & body.

Almost forgotten, this wonderful healing art has returned and is spreading over the U.S. today.

Our goal is to spread the healing work that she has begun.

Chip also studied the techniques of Terry Oleson and Jim Shores, PhD. These two are America's equivalent to Dr. Huang. They have researched Auricular medicine from a technical, scientific view.

Using fMRI, CATscans, other western technologies to investigate the workings of the auricle, they came up with a very detailed map and formularies for treatment of many illness and injuries.

Chip is one of few that has studied and trained in the use of both eastern and western techniques.

This gives him a distinct advantage when it comes to the treatment of illness and disease.

 Dr. Xuguang Yang, MD (China), AP-DOM

with one of his satisfied patients.

Dr. Paul Reynolds, AP-DOM
Teaching Point Location at Florida College of Integrative Medicine 2004