How much does it cost?

When patients find out about the "broad spectrum" of health issues that TCM has learned to deal

with over the centuries, they will say, "I should have come here first."

Since very few people  have "acupuncture" on their insurance policy, the first question

most patients ask is "HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?". That can be tough to answer.

What kind of problem is it?  How long have you had it?  Is it manageble or is it an emergency

now?  Have you seen a lot of doctors already?  Are you on a lot of medicines?

The worse the problems, the more treatments are needed. With simple problems, just a couple of

treatments can do the trick.  More serious, long term issues will take more effort to affect lasting

results.  It's your decision as to how important it is.  There is no set formula that tells us how to

determine what you need to do.  You are the quality control manager on that.

If you have several problems, you will find Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and

Acupuncture can be changed along with your main issue.  The broad spectrum of TCMs

effectiveness makes it much less expensive than going to the traditional western clinic where you

are referred to specialist after specialist, test after test after test after.........

A better question would be, "HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH?"

What are you willing to do to correct the problem(s)?  How long do you think it might take to

correct a serious, long-term health issue?  One session? Two or three? The truth is it takes about

1 month of treatment for every year the problem has been present.  So, if you have had back pain

or hip pain, or headaches, or high blood pressure, etc., etc. FOR YEARS, you will probably need

to commit to several months of treatments and herbal formulas, if you expect to improve your

health issue.  If you want to get better, you have to do something about it.  Ever spent $1,500 on

your air conditioning?  What's your issue worth when compared to other living expenses like

rent, food, transportation, etc.?  Some people spend more on their dogs, cats, or horses than they

do on their own health issues.

We don't want to treat patients one time and then they go home and tell others that it did not

work.  What did not work was the committment to a reasonable plan of treatment to solve

THEIR problem(s).  No one can resolve your problems without your assistance.

We rarely see patients with simple issues. They have usually been suffering for many years and

have been taking pain or other medications daily for years and are no longer responding to

normal western medicine (which IS COVERED by insurance co.'s).  Ask your insurance

company why this form of safe, effective medicine is not covered while the way more expensive

way is covered.  Let me know if they have an answer!

After years of doctor's visits, tests, shots, therapies, drugs, ointments, etc. they are not much

better than when it all started (some are much worse).  Many thousands of dollars trying to "fix

the problem" with my hip, my shoulder, my low back, my digestion, my migraines,

my headaches, my insomnia, my hot flashes, my vertigo, my hemorrhoids, my word that's a lot

of stuff to deal with.  Well, we deal with all these problems in one place, right here.

We don't have to send you down the hall to the tennis elbow specialist, or around the corner to

the knee specialist, or to the gastroenterologist about your constipation.  We do all of that!

When patients find out about the "broad spectrum" of health issues that TCM has learned to deal

with over the centuries, they will say, "I should have come here first."

We hope to serve you and your family with "grandfather's medicine" to help prevent disease and

strength the body to help prevent injuries.  There is preventative medicine, it's TCM.

The cost depends on the number of visits and types of treatments necessary to accomplish your

goals.  If you have sciatica that has bothered you off and on for years, you should expect to have

4 - 6 sessions to give it a fair chance of changing a serious issue quickly.

New Patients require more time to discuss problem(s), exam patient's area(s) of concern,

formulate a diagnosis according to TCM guidelines, devise a treatment plan, and then employ

TCM modalities in the course of treatments.  Simple, yet effective.

New Patient Fee for the above required services:

    Depending upon severity, complexity and duration of illnesses and/or illnesses, the

    intake, discussion of related issues, examination, diagnosis, treatment plan will range 

    from $250 with your first treatment.

Treatment Fees depend on techniques employed at each session.

    Acupuncture $100 - $150 depends on number of issues addressed - averages $100.

    Cupping/GuaSha - $50

    Ear Acupuncture $50 (only as an addition to regular treatments)

    Initial Office Visit (Discussion, Exam, Diagnosis, Treatment Plan)      $250

    Treatment Session (average)                                                         $100

Herbal Formulas -  Costs generally equate to $25/week and are taken for 10 - 30 days. Long

term issues will require longer use of herbal formula

The number of treatments for a shoulder, sciatic, neck, headache problem, etc. is difficult to

determine exactly. Some patients may take 3-4 visits to accomplish the goal of reducing or

eliminating the problem while others may need more depending upon severity and/or complexity of issue(s).  Six visits is considered to be a "short

course of treatment for most issues.  It is important to understand that we are attempting to

change the body and time is needed to affect lasting results. These treatments should be done

weekly (or twice a week for severe problems, of course). Generally, the more consistent the

treatments, the better the results.

If you have a problem that you have had for years and have lost hope that anything can be done,

you might expect it would cost as much as a car's air conditioner going out, or your pet's vet bill

(which is generally more than our acupuncture treatments).  Most patients spend about $1,000

over a three to six month period to alleviate a long-term issue.


Most patients are usually quite happy and amazed that "those needles really did fix me".

Come be amazed at what Acupuncture & TCM can do for you and your family.