We use only the best herbal formulas available. Anything less would be unwise.

The rapid growth rate in the herbal industry presents many practitioners with the complex and confusing task of identifying and selecting high-quality products. While there are reputable companies providing quality herbs, there are also unethical manufacturers selling substandard products that generate negative press for the whole profession. Although many herbal products on the market share the same traditional name and similar ingredients, the potency and purity of products can vary drastically between companies. The therapeutic efficacy of an herbal product can only be guaranteed with tests to verify authenticity, potency, purity, and safety


"One of Evergreen’s mission besides producing top quality herbal extracts and educating the west on drug-free alternatives to health is our desire to make a difference in people’s lives. We can't imagine a better way than helping people back to health so they can completely enjoy what life has to offer. This idea has led us to donate our herbs to those in need, and to donate the herbs to research and development"